2013 has begun, there are plans, projects and dreams… Projects that were dreams last year and dreams that will be projects soon… Vacations are officially over and I had to begin the year commemorating the awesome 2012… Perhaps it looks like I forgot the blog, but it wasn’t, it was just a break to spend time for my self and LIVE!… Definitely living one year in NYC was like living 10 years any other place, 2012 was full of new experiences, knowledge and wonderful people who always will be Inside of my heart ❤  and many more things I only can resume with my photo Diary…

Un nuevo año ha empezado lleno de planes, proyectos y sueños… Proyectos que fueron sueños el año anterior y sueños que próximamente serán proyectos… Mis vacaciones terminaron y no podía empezar el año de Aventura Chic sin conmemorar mi adorado 2012. Definitivamente un año en New York fue como 10 años en Lima, un año lleno de nuevas experiencias, aprendizaje, gente maravillosa y miles de cosas que solo puedo resumir y conmemorar con mi diario fotográfico…

Giha Peralta, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

I started the year with a new adventure going across Lima city shooting outfits in every lovely corner before going back to NYC…
Empecé el año con una nueva Aventura, recorriendo la ciudad y haciendo fotos para el blog antes de volver a NY…

Giha Peralta, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

Giha Peralta, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

Giha Peralta, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

Giha Peralta, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

Giha Peralta, Fashion Blogger & Stylist

Fashion Editorials
…Came back to NYC to continue classes in FIT and the adventure continued; actually Manhattan was the stage of my Fashion editorials…
… Volví a NYC para continuar clases en FIT y la aventura no terminó ahí pues Manhattan fue el escenario de mis primeros editoriales de moda…

It’s Magical

Editorial It's Magical by Giha Peralta, Fashion Stylist, New York

Fashion Editorial: It’s Magical

Editorial Color it Red by Giha Peralta, New York

❤ I worked with great people and Set up the best team, Beja, Laura, María José and Cinthya

Giha Peralta, Fashion Stylist

Fashion Editorial: Poweful Woman
Editorial Powerful Woman by Giha Peralta, New York

❤Joy & Love
Some unexpected trips with love ones were cherries atop the cake… Atlanta, Miami and Bahamas yeeeeey!!!!



Ajna Bar, Bier Garten NYC

Gregor Graue CoesfeldGiha Peralta Atlanta, Mustang

Atlanta and Miami with my ♥ GregorG

Giha Peralta Atlanta

Miami days with my ♥ Mr. GG Grego Graue Coesfeld

Miami days

Everyday in the city!

I knew wonderful people and I enjoyed every first second in the city where you breath art and fashion everywhere… Battery Park, East Village, West Village, Gramercy, Soho, Meat Parking Disrict, Columbus Circle, Uppper East…
Conocí gente Maravillosa y no dejé de disfrutar ni un segundo en la ciudad donde se respira moda y arte en cara rincón…

 NYC Live Giha Peralta, Battery Park

NYC Live Giha Peralta

❤ Friends

NYC Live Giha Peralta

NYC Live Giha Peralta

NYC Live Giha Peralta

Washington Square


Summer in New York:
I have no words to explain the magical summer in New York… Picts say everything

Hudson River Sunset

July 4th
July 4th NYC

Long walks in Battery ParkBattery Park

Hudson Blues Festival, Financial Center

Concerts in Neighborhood Hudson Blues Festival, Gate Way Plaza

Amazing view during concert in Financial CenterFinancial Center Concert

Happy Birthday Alesso, Governors Island

New York, NYC life, Giha Peralta
summer Giha Peralta topshop

Hudson River, Voley, NYC

Shooting Hurson River, Giha Peralta NYC

As you can see 2012 was full of inspiration…
Thank you all for following me during this break, Aventura Chic comes back reloaded in 2013!
Happy New Year to everybody!